How Much Does a Business Owner REALLY Make?

One of the most difficult aspects of valuing a business is understanding how much money the business owner is truly making. There are a dozen terms to describe the profit of a business – Cash Flow, True Owner Net, Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE), Seller’s Discretionary Cash Flow, Owner Benefit, EBITDA – these terms all pretty much answer […]

How are Privately Owned Businesses Valued?

What is My Business Worth? While it can be relatively simple to value a publicly traded company, there is so much confusion associated with how a non-publicly traded company is valued.  In this article, I want to help clear up any confusion and help outline the well-tested and well-vetted process of how all businesses are […]

The Importance of a Business Valuation During a Partnership Dispute

Many businesses, both large and small, are owned by some form of partnership. Whether you work with a trusted family member, long-time friend, or a handful of investors you’ve only recently met, partnership disputes are often inevitable. From financial needs to differing opinions, even sickness, there are often many issues that arise overtime that could […]

Selling a Business in Dallas: What you Need to Know

Deciding to sell your business is probably not something you simply decided to do on a whim, but it’s also probably not something you’ve done a lot of planning for either. Our team of Dallas business brokers are prepared for anything that comes their way. There’s a distinct difference between taking your time deciding to sell your […]

Bookkeeping Tricks to Maximize Your Business Valuation

In my experience as a CPA assisting both buyers and sellers in the business acquisition process, as well as purchasing multiple companies myself, I have developed a unique perspective when it comes to a business valuation method. Here are some bookkeeping tips you can use to help ensure that when it comes time to sell your […]