The Key to Getting 30% More for Your Company in1/2 the time!

So you are ready to sell your small or mid-sized business and can’t wait to get that great big check in your hand. Let me show you how to make this check the biggest check of your life!  How? Do your sale plans include seller financing as a part of the purchase price?  Hardly. You would rather go to […]

Seller Financing Series: What to do with Debt When Selling your Business

Another obstacle you may think exists to selling your business is making sure the buyer puts down enough money to retire existing company debt.  I understand the concern.  I had the same quandary when I sold my own business. We owned six vehicles with a debt of about $120,000. It would have killed my chances of selling the business if, […]

Selling a Business in Dallas: What you Need to Know

Deciding to sell your business is probably not something you simply decided to do on a whim, but it’s also probably not something you’ve done a lot of planning for either. Our team of Dallas business brokers are prepared for anything that comes their way. There’s a distinct difference between taking your time deciding to sell your […]