The Key to Getting 30% More for Your Company in1/2 the time!

So you are ready to sell your small or mid-sized business and can’t wait to get that great big check in your hand. Let me show you how to make this check the biggest check of your life!  How? Do your sale plans include seller financing as a part of the purchase price?  Hardly. You would rather go to […]

Five ways to Guarantee payment when financing the sell of your business

One of the top reasons that business sellers don’t want to consider seller financing as part of the sale package of their business is the myth that with seller financing, there is no guarantee they will get their money back. Actually, there are five guarantees you will get paid, one of which will be discussed here […]

Financing the Sale When Selling a Business: Myths

Discarding Myths, Fairy Tales and Urban Legends About Seller financing when selling a business. Have you heard the one about the traveling salesman who goes out to a bar for a nightcap and wakes up in his hotel room with stitches on his lower back – and his kidney missing? Such urban legends – others call them […]

Repossessing Your Business After a Sale: Not as Bad as You Might Think

One common fear among business sellers considering seller financing when selling a business is the possibility, no matter how slight, that the buyer will default on the seller’s note and they will have to repossess the business and go through the entire sale process again. It’s a fair enough concern.  After all, if you DID want to take […]

Benefits of Being the Bank for Your Business Sale

Deciding whether your business sale should be a cash sale financed by a bank or seller financed (or even some variation between those) is an important step in the process of preparing for sale. Odds are that if you are planning on selling your business, you picture yourself receiving a very large cashier’s check or wire […]

Seller Financing series of articles: Taxes, “Bad Books,” and Bridge Loans

Before you make any decisions on how to structure the sale of your business, educate yourself on the tax consequences, and several tried and true methods of minimizing the amount of taxes you must pay on your sale proceeds.  Take some time to meet with your CPA and your business broker to create a plan for payments by the […]

Seller Financing Series: What to do with Debt When Selling your Business

Another obstacle you may think exists to selling your business is making sure the buyer puts down enough money to retire existing company debt.  I understand the concern.  I had the same quandary when I sold my own business. We owned six vehicles with a debt of about $120,000. It would have killed my chances of selling the business if, […]

Sell a business: Nuts and Bolts of Seller Financing

As you work with you business broker to plan the details of a sale, its good to have a overview understanding of how seller financing works because that is part of a majority of business sales. If you are really interested in selling your business, then it is important to be mindful of the “competition” […]