Finding the Right Buyer for Your Business, Part 1

The Power of Matchmaking when selling a business “How Do I Know if They Have the Experience to Run the Business?” – can be asked in a number of different ways, but the message is virtually the same: how can I be sure I’m finding the right buyer for the right company at the right […]

Finding the Right Buyer when selling a Business, Part 2

Finding “a buyer” for your business is not a problem. Our firm, for example, has a database of THOUSANDS of prospective business buyers looking for the right business to buy. Finding the “right buyer” for your unique business, however, is a much more detailed process, but well worth the quest. Experience, the right experience, is worth its […]

Finding the Right Buyer for Your Business, Part 3

Ensuring your business buyer can and will pay you Transferring your business to another owner is simple if you don’t care who buys it or what they will do after the sale. However, with seller financing not only being a common part of a business sale package, and the way to optimize your financial return […]

How “turnkey” is your turnkey business?

Are you getting ready to sell your business, but worry that a buyer may flounder and run the business into the ground as soon as you walk out the door?  Is that one of the reasons why you are hesitant to even consider seller financing as a part of the overall sales package?  If you have this […]

Selling a Business: Helping your Business Buyer Succeed!

As you prepare to sell your business, you need to think in terms of setting up the buyer for success. Inevitably there will be changes post closing- and many sellers worry that the buyer will want to make too many changes – but how can you avoid “bad” changes in your company, ones that could impair […]

How to Sell Your Med Spa for Top Dollar

Med spas are more popular and profitable than ever, and buyers have taken notice. The medical aesthetic market in the United States is growing at a rapid pace. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, people in the U.S. spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic producers in 2016, which was an all-time high. […]

What is SDE (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings)?

How Much Money Does a Business Owner Really Make? One of the most difficult aspects of acquiring a business is understanding how much money a business owner is truly making. If the 5.6 million-word tax code doesn’t make it difficult enough, business owners and their accountants sometimes add to the confusion with their creative bookkeeping […]

How to Sell Your Montessori or Learning Center School

Montessori schools combine the passion for learning, children all while still making a profit. Montessori school owners that are interested in selling their business have many issues to consider: What is the value of the school?  What is the value of the Real Estate and how does that value affect the value of the school? […]

How To Sell A Machine Shop

So you think you are ready to sell your machine shop business? After all the years of dedication you have put into starting and building a successful machine shop, you’ll want to cash in on that investment. The machine shop and precision machined products industry is a very desired business type and thus can be […]

How to Sell a Machine Shop – Manufacturer

The machine shop and Precision machined products industry is very desired and can be a very sellable type of business.  When you are trying to evaluate the possibility of selling your business there are a number of factors to look at to determine if your business is sellable and to get a good idea of what your […]