HBG Advisors is Now Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions

HBG Advisors is excited to announce their new company name – Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions.

“Our new company name more accurately reflects what we have been doing all along – bringing together all the individual parts that are needed to broker business transactions that are not only financially successful, but also rewarding in the context of life and personal priorities,” says Scot Cockroft, President and Owner of Sigma.

Sigma means “the sum of all parts,” an apt description of what this 30+ year-old company has already been doing. Sigma marshals a collection of resources and networks of prospective business buyers, investors, and experts in all specialties needed to broker business deals such as CPAs, attorneys, appraisers, financial planners, realtors, due diligence experts, and business bankers. Sigma employs these resources to construct business sale deals that deal with the uniqueness of every business, and every buyer and seller’s needs.

“Our firm is passionate about helping business owners who want to transition to their next step of development, either by selling the business to a qualified buyer, bringing in investors to expand operations, or selling the company to its employees. We also match individuals who want to purchase a business either on their own, or through a private equity group of buyers.”

Sigma looks forward to many more years of dedication to bringing qualified business buyers together with quality businesses, and helping them bring everything together to finalize deals.

Ready to get started?

Ready to Get Started?

Sigma is a the leading business broker in with Corporate offices in Dallas/Fort Worth with roots from 1984. Over 600 businesses sold in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Oklahoma and across the South. Sigma provides full business brokerage services with NO upfront fees. We provide Market approach business valuations for business sales. Sigma is passionate about helping business owners achieve their goal of financial security. Contact us today for a free no obligation business valuation. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

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